Charity Auction Software for Fundraising Auctions

DonorSearch starts with proven philanthropy in order to provide more accurate, comprehensive, and actionable data to help nonprofits achieve better fundraising and outreach results. They understand that past giving to nonprofits is a much better indicator of future giving than wealth screening alone. As an auction item consignment service, Charity Ace provides a free consultation and analyzes your package strategy. The CharityACE team assesses your needs and takes a strategic approach to filling holes only when it makes the most sense for your event and audience.
Offer year subscriptions to attendees who love to binge-watch their favorite TV shows and save themselves money on streaming service costs. At some point, parents rely on childcare when working, running errands, or going on dates. Not only is childcare expensive, but you will need a reliable company to offer quality services. Attendees will find a childcare package highly appealing because they can get nanny services at a discounted rate. So many people have skydiving on their bucket list, which could be their opportunity to do what they’ve always wanted. Contact your local skydiving companies and see who is looking to partner with your nonprofit.
Use the following auction item checklist to make sure your items are well-represented. With no need for a physical venue, auctioneer, or on-site staff, hosting a silent auction online saves your nonprofit significant costs. The best way to understand auction technology is to put it into practice.
You have credit and debit card options, but there’s no option for e-wallets. Digital auctions, virtual events and hybrid approaches to fundraising open up new avenues and allow for events to be larger than ever before. Our fast, intuitive, and cost-effective silent auction websites help event planners like you generate more revenue for their cause every day. PSA gives you the ability to track auction items from the second they’re listed all the way until it hits the winner’s doorstep. If the winning bidder is new to your nonprofit, this is a perfect opportunity to nurture the relationship by including valuable information about your nonprofit.
Read on to learn the basic functionalities of auction software, plus practical ways these tools can raise more at your next auction. While the basic rules of fundraising auctions have remained the same over the years, the format of these events is rapidly evolving, thanks to the advancement of auction technology. Charity auctions are consistently among the most popular and lucrative events nonprofits can host. Our platform is intuitive for administrators and easy to navigate for supporters and event participants. To ensure your nonprofit or charity meets your goals, BiddingForGood provides you with a 24/7 auctioneering function to keep your auction live from start to finish.
However, unlike traditional auctions, there is no auctioneer present. Instead, participants place their bids silently and anonymously on a bid sheet using a bidding number—hence the name silent auction. fundraising silent auction is the perfect silent auction software solution for school groups and volunteer-driven organizations wanting to run a silent auction. Partner expertise includes event production, event setup, consignment auction items, live-streaming and more.
The software automatically captures information from guests as they interact with the site, so everything is kept in one handy, accessible place. Our campaign templates are designed to look beautiful, whether your donors use a phone, tablet, or computer to access your websites. Better World comes with mobile compatible auction templates and custom-branded pages to help you build awareness and sell tickets.