10 Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser Ideas

T-shirts are also great places to feature your text-to-give number in a fun, artsy way. The two most common types of corporate philanthropy programs are matching gifts and volunteer grants. Don’t underestimate them – let their wings soar (with supervision, of course)! We’ll send you a sales report and invoice and contact you for a delivery date for your merchandise.
Make this event more exciting by asking students to bring homemade chocolates for sale. To raise more funds, you can set up a Formplus order form so that interested persons can complete purchases for the chocolates online. Place students into teams and have them compete in a quiz night.
Another approach is to partner with a local ice cream shop for a fun pop-up field trip with a portion of the proceeds allocated to your fundraising efforts. Split contributions between your school and the ice cream provider to make it a worthwhile event for everyone involved. Gather students and their families to create something delicious. Start by sending out a sign-up list to ensure you have enough baked goods to sell in exchange for donations. You’ll allow students to showcase unique recipes and give anyone passing by a chance to enjoy something sweet. Schools often have a surplus of books in their library, so consider dusting off some of the old books that aren’t being used to include in your sale.
With an online auction, you rid yourself of paper bids and long checkout lines. You’ll be raising money for your school in no time, all while providing participants with a fun and unique experience. However, with an on-site giving kiosk, your school can boost fundraising at these events even further.
Regular football season in high school is typically around 10 weeks, with the first games of the year in mid-November. Ten weeks is plenty of time to raise adequate funds for the travel, uniforms, equipment, and your team’s other necessities. Having middle school fundraising ideas of your fundraising event-ready or offering virtual accommodations to make it hybrid is essential for ensuring everyone’s comfort. But when buying a product online, people receive a tangible item in exchange. The company initially collects all the money, then distributes the profit money afterward. Register so they can share their online store link with friends and family.
If you’re looking for auction items that will grab your donors’ attention, look no further than game day tickets! Event tickets are some of the easiest ways for nonprofits to offer amazing experiences to their bidders. Fine dining experiences have long been one of the most reliable school auction ideas for nonprofits. You know your audience best, so decide which concerts would sell the best at your school auction.
You can either sell tickets to raise money or ask attendees for donations. College students are older and they can be great volunteers for fundraising events while also taking part in challenges and games to increase donations for the organization. You can easily enable peer-to-peer fundraising on any campaign and invite your teachers and students from the tool itself. Since the kids are small, you may want to invite their parents to fundraise for your school. Your invitees will receive an email from Donorbox to sign up and start fundraising.